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spacer Crystal Duell MunsonWith an education from the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Rouen, France, Crystal returned to Boston to an assistant gallery position for two years. With new knowledge of the business and strong relationships with local artists, she decided to venture out on her own, selling artist's work.

As an art consultant since 1987, Crystal has acquired over 300 hundred clients both corporate and individual; many of these entailing large scale commissioned projects where art is made specifically for a space. Several of these projects were collaborations between artists that Crystal selected. Over these twenty years Crystal has worked closely with more than 60 artists, visiting studios, showing their work and encouraging communication regarding the growth and direction of their art.

In 2005 Crystal became a Mom and moved to the south shore of Massachusetts, taking a one year hiatus With the shift in location and setting, the previous business name of C Duell Arts became BayMarO Studio referencing the beautiful views of the Bay, Marsh and Ocean. The direction of the business is now more focused on showing artwork in a residential setting ; art is seen on a variety of wall colors, in both traditional and contemporary setting with various sources of light.

Crystal looks forward to working closely with residential clients and providing artwork for their families that is both admired and appropriate for their genre of interior style.